Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Haley's Bachelorette Weekend

Wow! What a an eventful, yet fabulous weekend. As you all know, the media had been predicting all week that Saturday was going to be one of our first severe weather days of the season. Boy were they right, but oh so wrong.
Friday night we had a scrumptious meal at Michael's in Homewood. Saturday morning Katie (Haley's best friend from Ohio), Haley, Haley's parents and I tried to go to breakfast at Another Broken Egg in Moutain Brook, but the power was out! We then ventured to the Original House of Pancakes. After breakfast, Katie and I started preparing for the Lingerie Party. We hosted the party at the Tutwiler in the suite we were staying in. Haley loves details, so Katie and I put much thought into planning this party. Her cake was probably one of my most favorite details. Her cake was a strawberry cake with the design of her invitation on it. Ironically, the cake came from Edgar's Bakery, which just so happen to be Haley's favorite. I was so pleased to hear that and the cake was amazing:)
It turns out, mother nature took over and prevented many of the guests from coming to the party! We were so bummed for Haley because the weather ended up being fine, but the guests just couldn't chance being stuck on the road in the unpredictable weather. We decided not to let it get in our way though and still held the party. We all had a blast. We played all of the games we had planned, talked, and watched Haley open all of her beautiful gifts.
After the party, we had dinner at Superior Grill. This is one of Haley's favorite restaraunts. Unfortuantely, I got sick during the last part of our meal. We headed home pretty soon after that as the tornado siren was going off again. Luckily, we made it back safely.
I was so happy to host Haley's bachelorette weekend for her. She is such a dear friend to me and I wanted to make it as special for her as possible. I cannot believe the BIG day is almost here.

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  1. Thanks to Heathe and Forge for doing an amazing job! I hate that you ladies didn't get the credit you so deserve. Love you!