Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is a picture of me right after I put my dress on the day of my wedding. My dad is by far the best. He has and will always do anything for me no matter how old or how far away I live from him. He is the most laid back person I know as long as you do not make him mad. My biggest struggle with being married is letting go from saying, "I'm sure my Dad knows" haha. I have stopped doing that because I do not want to hurt Jason's feelings. However, this has been very hard, because my dad has always taken care of anything I have ever needed and of course I always think he is right. Thank you for all you do, Dad. I love you and Happy Father's Day!

Phase 2 of our privacy fence:

Thank you Dad and Rhett for completing this for Jason and Mr. Bobby while they are so busy. We really appreciate it:)
Last but not least, we can't forget our sweet little Grandpa, people like to call him. Now, he cannot go into our neighbors yard. Yea!

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