Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project # 1

Jason and I have had few projects on our to do list, but honestly haven't been home enough this summer to complete any of them.  Today, Jason was able to complete one of them.  He turned this...

The yucky green that was showing through on our porch.  I had scrubbed it the day before, making it come off even more.

Into...this!  I love it!  It's hard to tell the color of this, but it is tan, with specks of brown and cream in it.  It looks so much better and the color goes better with our house.  Thank you sweetie:)

While Jason was working on this project, I was able to baby-sit and pay for this home improvement:)  Wa clever am I!!  I have definitely decided that if I am blessed with children and have to have all of one gender, it should be boys.  I kept a little boy that was in my class last year (age 6) and his two twin brothers (age 5).  It was so much fun!  Boys are so laid back and easy to work with.  This sums up my awesome day!

At Shakey's Pizza...they couldn't reach the pedals hence why they are so close to the steering wheel:)

They had to have a snack after swimming...just precious.
The twins on their own little four wheelers.  The oldest was driving me on the golf cart, the pool.
Ice Cream at Brewster's to end the night.  Ice cream was everywhere:0

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