Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This past weekend, I was given the opportunity in helping out with my brother's proposal.  Wow!  What a day:)  This is how the story goes....

Jessica came with me to my Willow House party.  Rhett told her he would be skiing at a friend's house.  The friend's house is where Rhett and Jessica met for the first time.  Jason was at the dove shoot.  (Pre-game...what Jessica knew)

Jessica and I met Rhett at the lake house like planned.  She pulls in first, I'm behind her.  It started raining.  I pretended like I was looking for my umbrella while Rhett came and got her out of the car with an umbrella.  I was on the phone with my mom, trying to set my camera on the perfect setting, and watch where he was taking her all at the same time.  Quickly, I jumped out of the car, ran around the side of the house, caught a view of Jessica facing the water (umbrella in hand) and ran as fast as I could to get closer, behind a tree.  

Rhett had told her he wanted her to walk down to the dock to see what he did that day.  Jessica said she was thinking, oh he must have ran into the dock with the boat or something crazy.  Instead, he was pulling out his old window/picture he made for her.  He painted the window black, put an almond color paint on top of that, then inserted the photos.  The photos stood for Will you marry me?  Will (wheel) you (Jessica) marry (picture of rings) me (Rhett).  It was a creative idea that he came up with.  He made the pictures black and white where she could hang it up and keep it in their house one day.  It was the sweetest thing.

Jessica of course looks at it, asks Rhett what it is, etc.  I'm laughing so hard and seriously snapping shots like crazy.  Finally, Rhett has to explain and just read it aloud for her to get it.  She then jumps up and down so excited, asking if this is for real.  She cried, laughed, etc.  

I was so happy to be apart of their special day.  Afterward, I took a few sweet pictures on the dock of them.  I was actually happy it rained, because the pictures with the umbrella turned out quite nice.  Here are a few pictures to capture how it happened.

We told Jessica we were going out to eat, instead Rhett had our family and her whole family back at our house to surprise her.  We all ate and enjoyed the celebration of these two amazing people.  I can't wait until the wedding festivities begin.

I gave Jessica lots of magazines and a ring martini glass.  Mom gave her a wedding ring charm for her bracelet, another bangle, and card.  Mom also gave Rhett a tie tack to wear on his wedding day and always remember that was when he got engaged.  Yea for 9-11-10.  Oh yeah...it was also Jessica's granddad's birthday that day.  How special.  She had told Rhett she wanted to marry someone like him...guess she won!!

I forgot to mention...I locked my keys in my car when I jumped out to take pictures.  Luckily, Rhett still had a key on his ring from when I lived at home, ha.
This when I first peeped around the corner.
Dropped to his knee:)
Creative one.
This is where she saw ALL of her family...aww
Beautiful ring for a beautiful girl
My favorite picture of the day!
Group shot!
My Aunt Mary made this precious cake.  I mean really, this is one of the cutest cakes I've ever seen.  She is amazing!
Our sweet family...:)

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  1. Congrats to Jessica and Rhett, my sister-in-law's brother. I think we all knew it would happen eventually. Even in the small amount of time I have seen them together, they seemed right for each other. Oh yea, great pics too!