Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Cards

I feel like Christmas cards are such an important decision around this time of year.  Should I have a professional picture made?  Should I just use a photo that I already have?  Should I print my own or use a company to design them?  All of the decisions that go along with Christmas cards...ahhhh, but they are so much fun and just wonderful to receive.   I love the beginning of December when I start getting them in the mail!  Once they are opened, I put them on my Willow House Decorative Card Display.

It's hard to find a great card display that is not seasonal.  I keep mine hanging over my laundry room door ALL year long.  I hang invitations, cards, pictures, etc on mine.  You can hang it over a door, or hang one over a door and put another one on a wall.  It has 2 diamonds so you can use one yourself and/or give the other as a giftt.  The Decorative Card Display is $38.96.

Now on to our decision....what do we do this year?

Here are a couple of companies I have used in the past and have been very pleased with:
  1. Polka Dot Princess (My all time favorite b/c of their great prices..check them out:)
  2. Sugar Britches Design

What are some companies you have used?  Please share your ideas!


  1. That was a nice idea to still treasure those lovely card throughout the year. We are already ready for Christmas, we are decorating Santa wall stickers at my kid's room.

  2. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing:)