Thursday, November 25, 2010

May 28, 2011

I have 6 months to try and look good in this:

No, really... I haven't been this excited since my wedding.  My brother and his fiancée were engaged on September 11 of this year and they originally planned a May 2012 wedding, until this past weekend.  They changed their mind.  I am super pumped!  Now, I am in plan mode.  I have to help Mom with  plans for our house, assist in ideas and plans for the rehearsal dinner, and of course the wedding.  Jessica knows how much I love planning things, so I'm hoping to help as much as possible.  

The first thing we found were these beautiful J Crew dresses.  I have a friend who used this same dress, but in a different color and they were just super cute!  

The wedding will be outside at my parent's house on May 28th.  If I were having an outside wedding, this is definitely the look I would go for.  These are a few pictures to describe the feel that Jessica has for her wedding day.

(minus the cake)
She loves the idea of an arbor, but not this particular one, with this floral arrangement...gorgeous!

Jessica is going to make a beautiful bride.  If any of you know of a website that would help her in ideas based off of the look you see she is going for, let me know.  She's thinking of using Mason Jars, old window panes, part of the decor.  

Congrats, Jessica and Rhett and Happy Planning!

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  1. Heather, I love this site/blog for the styling and color palettes. We reference for inspiration at work as well. Have your future sister in law check it out. Hope this helps. Court