Sunday, December 19, 2010


Every year, we spend Christmas with the McGathas and Wilsons.  They are like family to Jason and I.  Tonight, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Wilsons and gave the girls their Christmas presents.  Dr. Wilson even made his famous sweet potato cobbler.  Yum Yum!!

These two are always acting goofy! 

I love this man like he's my own father or grandfather.  He truly is amazing:)

So sweet:)

Abbey opening her Nintendo DS game.  Do you think she's excited??
Can you believe these two?  My how they've grown!  I miss them so much:0
Hayden loves Strawberry Shortcake right now!
Aunt JJ:)


  1. I think I met the lady 4th picture at the post office the other day. She is so sweet!

  2. You may have! She is. They are like family to me! That's neat:) Have a Merry Christmas!!