Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Christmas shower

Jessica, my future sister-in-law, had her first wedding shower in December.  It was a Christmas shower.  I was so excited the timing fell where she could have this shower.  It was definitely one of my favorites.  You don't realize how much it takes to fill your house with holiday decor until you go to do it that first year!  She was blessed to receive a variety of gifts.  She won't have a problem decorating their house for Christmas next year.  She is just beautiful...look at her.  Our family is truly blessed.  I can't wait until May 28, 2011.

The bride-to-be

My mom and Jessica's mom being silly!

Jason and I gave she and Rhett Willow House stockings.  I had them monogrammed and just love them!

This is probably my favorite gift she received.  It's a beverage server in the shape of a package for hot or cold drinks.  It came from Sam's Club and I think it's just awesome!

(Warning...several more Christmas posts to come....I'm behind!)



  1. I love that drink holder, how cute! I love the updated look of the blog!

  2. Thanks. No one had ever seen anything like it! Too cute. I'm glad you like the blog. My friend, Allison is awesome. She has really helped me out!