Thursday, January 27, 2011


Approximately 3 weeks ago, I along with 5 other Pure Barre trainees headed to Denver, Colorado.  It was my first time to visit there.  I have wanted to go there to snow ski in the past, but we just haven't had the chance yet.  Little did I know that my first opportunity to go would be for Pure Barre training.

We stayed in this adorable house.  Carrie, the founder of Pure Barre, once lived in this house.  Now it is used for trainees to stay in while they are there.  It's seriously less than a mile from the studio we trained at. 

Living room area


The PB staff left us little goodies. We got a new PB shirt and red polish!

Jordan trying out the PB room with the ballet barre. 
This is basically what our schedule consisted of:

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Take a Pure Barre Class and/or observe a class
  • Study and practice our section for the day
  • Go to lunch
  • Round robins
  • Dinner
  • Study, chit-chat, and watch tv
  • Sleep
Out for dinner:)

We fit a lot of information into our brains in a total of 4 days.  I am a teacher by profession, but to 5 and 6 year olds...not adults who are there to lift, tone, and burn.  I am so glad to have been introduced to such a wonderful technique, called Pure Barre.  My two dear friends, Courtney and Kelly, introduced this to me several months ago and I fell in love with it.  I honestly can't believe I am doing it.  This was definitely a challenge for me.  I've always loved the idea of teaching an exercise class, but never thought it would happen.  I'm so happy that I have this opportunity.

I taught my first class last night at the studio and loved it.  I can't wait to keep perfecting myself and building more confidence as an instructor. 

While on our trip, we drove around in this:

Gotta love it!  We named her "Betty Blue".  She survived the rather hazardous "icy/snow" conditions that hit Denver on Sunday, the last day we were there.  We made it to the airport, with a slight delay, and were the last flight from Denver to Atlanta that evening.  I've never been through the "de-icing" of a plane before.  It was pretty cool to me, but I love to fly.  I'm like a little kid:)

 Those of you who know me well, I was watching the weather channel a good bit on our flight back.  I knew we were heading into icy conditions in ATL, but also knew we were in safe Hands.  We made it back safely, but Kelly and Courtney's father thought it was best to pick us up and carry us to their house until morning.

Fortunately, their parents lived there and were able to take us in for a couple of days.  We couldn't leave!  The roads were so bad.  We were sad, because of not going to the actual GAME, we thought we would at least be able to roll Toomer's afterward.  That was okay though.  We had a warm place, great meals, nice fellowship, and we made it back on Tuesday. 

While I was stuck in Atlanta, Jason was all over the country!

Stay tuned for his adventurous trip...


  1. when are you teaching your next class? I want to try a class soon! :)

  2. I teach this afternoon at 4:15 and tomorrow morning at 8:15. You can go online to sign up. Today, only one person is signed up, so you should come. First time offer is $10!

    Hope to see you there.