Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who is your favorite?

American Idol has always been a show that I pick up watching toward the end.  However, this season is a different story.  The instant Jason and I found out Paul McDonald, Jason's fraternity brother from college and friend, was going to be on the show...we pressed record on the DVR! 

We have watched every show this season and are just in love.  I know we are biased, but Paul truly is an amazing singer.  He has his own band that he started while we were still in school.  It all began for him as Hightide Blues and now The Grand Magnolias. 

My 3 favorite songs he has performed on Idol are:


American Dreams (an original of Paul)

Please VOTE for Paul McDonald as we are nearing the final shows....

Who are your favorites?  Let me know what you think about Paul:)

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