Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary # 1

April 18, 2009

On Sunday, Jason and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I can't believe one year ago, we were getting married. I can't believe time as flown so fast. We have had so much fun this first year. During this first year of marriage, we have:

* bought our 1st home, built a deck on the back, and working on our privacy fence
* expanded Jason's business
* started my masters
* started a side business selling Southern Living at Home
* started teaching Kindergarten
* joined our church and Sunday School class
* made lots of wonderful friends
* made beautiful memories as a married couple with our families
* enjoyed learning to cook, clean, and do wifely duties

Jason and I started our day off sleeping in, which is a rare occasion in our working world. We had a scrumptious breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then off to Callaway Gardens we went. We started off walking throuh the Azalea Bowl, touring the chapel, and some other beautiful gardens. Next, we set off to rent bicycles. I kept seeing these awesome blue bicycles, just like I like, with tall handle bars and an adjustable seat where my back won't hurt. We rode the bicycles through the whole entire trail. Along the way, we stopped to view many different gardens, the Butterfly Center, and to find our way back on the trail (a few times, ha). You can ask Jason or God, we were riding those bikes and we were giggling like kids. I mean I enjoyed it so much!! I felt like Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson in the movie, Wedding Crashers. I wish you could have been there. It was one of the best days that Jason and I have had together. Although Callaway Gardens is only 45 minutes away, I felt like I was off on a mini honeymoon again. We ended the day with a dinner at Olive Garden and TCBY, of course:)

Jason and I talked about our year of marriage and how we have just enjoyed it so much. I have always heard that your 1st year can be hard, but I feel like we have worked together and had a wonderful year. I will say, our walk with God has definitely kept us grounded as man and wife.

This time last year we were doing this:)

The Crane Resort in Barbados


  1. What a great anniversary! I think we may take a trip over to Callaway Gardens soon. I would love to ride the bikes but I'm not sure what we would do with the baby. ha! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yes, it was a lot of fun. You could always stroll the baby through the trails. We walked a lot at the beginning, but then took the bikes the rest of the time. You would love a day there. It's beautiful. I had only been to the Fantasy and Lights, so I really enjoyed it.