Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a beautiful day to tailgate, spend time with friends, and watch Auburn football! We enjoyed spending time with the McGathas and the Wilsons at their motor home. Also, we celebrated Dr. Wilson's birthday!


  1. Heather! I just discovered your blog! I think you are a girl after my own heart! I love reading all about what you and Jason are doing! We were in AU for A Day as well... we stayed 2 nights and had a great time!

  2. Elizabeth,

    You are so sweet. Honestly, I started this blog because I loved to look at so many others. Jason asked me what would be my purpose. I told him I guessed the same reason everyone else started one. It's a great way to journal and keep up with life. I wish I had started last year. Also, our parents love it! Listen, next time you come to AU, please contact me. Jason and I would love to host you at our house. We love company! Glad you got to come. Take care:)