Monday, July 5, 2010


Wow...what a great week of celebration. Mary and I headed out early Wednesday morning to get an extra day of beach time. It was rainy, so instead we shopped, enjoyed long chats, and had a nice dinner. Thursday, rainy day # 2....Wae, Mary, and I went to the SPA. It was awesome!!!! I felt bad, because the one who needed one most, Jason, was back at home finishing his last day of work before heading down to be with us.

Friday was beautiful...beach bound! When I say this trip was full of relaxation, I mean RELAXation. We all seriously laid on the beach and didn't move for most days at least 6 hours. Mary and I read these books. She finished Something Borrowed and Something Blue all on the trip. I am in the middle of Something Blue. Awesome reads...highly recommend.

We ate at some great restaraunts. The Back Porch, Schooners, Boondocks, Pompanos, and Angelo's. They were all wonderful. Pompanos has the best it! We enjoyed listening to great music the whole week. Wae carried his ipod around the entire time. I also learned that the Zac Brown Band sings a lot of songs that I like, I just didn't know the artist. Mary and Wae completely sold me out on him. I am definitely purchasing the CD.

One of the most exciting nights was at the Arcade, haha. When I say exciting, I mean one of the nights we went out and about after dinner. Like I said, we were very relaxed. We hit in the batting cage, shot hoops, and played the game that is like bowling. Mary and I rocked at it!! We also threw in some yummy ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery that night:)
Our last night was spent watching the firework show at Pier Park. Our condo was so high up and close by that we didn't have to get in the huge crowd, plus rain, that night.
I enjoyed this trip so much. Most of all, I'm glad Jason got another vacation from work. He is the one that really needed it. Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!!!

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