Sunday, July 11, 2010

Splendid Sunday

Today was just a wonderful day. With Jason's busy work schedule, I have learned to truly cherish the moments we have together. And that is just what I did today. We started off the morning with Worship. Sunday School. Lunch at Niffers with some new friends. NAP! Matinée...we saw Eclipse. It was awesome. It made me realize that I must finish the series of books. I made it half way through New Moon and started reading something else. I just know I am missing a lot of details that the movie can't capture. Plus, books tend to always be better than the movies. We went to eat Mexican for dinner and took a nice stroll this evening to end our day. It was so nice to talk and enjoy each other's company for a whole day...just me and him.

Yesterday, we also had an afternoon together of running errands, including he and I both getting our hair the same place! I must say that has never happened before. I just decided on a whim to cut my hair shorter. Jason loves it short! We'll see...hopefully it will grow on me. I haven't had it shorter in a while. Til next time...good night:)

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