Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ashley and Josh's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled back home to a friend's wedding from high school.  She married a great guy, Josh.  There wedding was so pretty.  Her bridesmaid's dresses were deep purple, which is a hot color right now. lovely!  Ashley's dress had lace on it and it was beautiful as well!  It was fun catching up and seeing friends.  I spent the night with the St. Clairs that night, Dustin and Mandy St. Clair, that is:)  It was so much fun getting to spend time with them.  Mandy and I laughed, laughed, and laughed some more until we finally had to go to bed.  I love and miss spending time with her!  Thanks for such a great weekend, you two:)

These two lovebirds always hit the dance floor.


I love Dustin and Mandy!

The beautiful bride and I.

Oh, myself and handsome, Larry:0

Leslie!  I was so glad to catch up and visit with her.

My dear mother:)
The weekend ended on Sunday with our Walker Family Reunion.  I had not been to a reunion in several years due to being off at college and football, of course:)  This year, I decided that was no excuse.  Family comes first.  My dear husband even drove home to come to the reunion with me.  It was nice getting to see family that I haven't seen in a long time.

Jessica making her awesome, silly face.  I was telling her right here that I knew she was just helping out because she was about to become a Walker.  Funny!

Wow, I look really tired in these pictures.

I love her!  I was making fun of her pose.

My sweet cousin, Sadie! 

Sabrina, Sadie Bug's mom.

This is the Horton family.  I used to babysit the twins, the 2 older ones, Hannah and Jack.  That's when I decided I wanted twins.  We'll see! haha.  They are such a sweet family:)
Of course, Jessica and I traveled with Pop in the ol' Ford to the reunion.  I just love the Popmobile!  However, we didn't capture any pictures this time.  Darn.

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