Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This one, made from our sweet little Cinnabar Vase (pg 77), is a cute little accent on the kitchen counter. The simple white shade is accented with red grosgrain ribbon. Adorable!
Our stylists can create a lamp from just about anything. It's always fun to see which of our products they convert each year. My favorite this year is our new Lady Jane Bottleneck Vase (pg 7, Willow House Fall 2010 Catalog) with a woven lampshade. Perfection!

What about our Santorni Urn?  You can use this and put twigs in it for Christmas with ornaments hanging off of it or use it as a lamp...stick whatever shade you want on it.  So versatile!!
A close second would be our new Bradford Lattice Lanterns (pg 60) with the chunky blue and white striped shade.

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