Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My support system

I'd like to start by saying Jason is the most supportive husband and these pictures prove it.  This fall, I have overloaded my plate a little by involving myself in too many activities.  I love being busy, but on this particular week, I just took it too far.  This particular week, I had a meeting Monday night, bible study Tuesday night, a Willow House party Wednesday night, and a Premier Jewelry party Thursday night.  This is why Jason was cleaning on this particular night.  He is awesome!

Here is to the funny part:

Jason had told me on Tuesday night that he knew I had overbooked myself that week and just to ask him.  I said, okay, "Will you please just maybe dust or vacuum or something?"  Then he said just ask I said "Can you please just do as much as possible?"  I seriously didn't have any time and he knew it!  So, as I'm coming in from my WH party on Wednesday, I walk up to the front door, on the phone with my Mom, expecting to see him sitting on the couch because he said he would have it all finished by the time I got home (around 9:00).  Instead, I peek through the blind and actually see him stop in the kitchen, cut the vacuum off, walk in the laundry room and put my apron on.  The funny part was he didn't know I was at the door and he was looking toward the front door the whole time.  I started laughing with Mom so hard!  

If any of you know Jason, this is just very typical for him to make me laugh or anyone laugh by doing something like this.  The greatest thing about this joke was the fact I saw him in motion and he didn't know it.  I love him:)

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  1. Hahaha, that is awesome. And how is your Daniel study going?? We are about to start BM's Revelation study - have you done that one?