Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010: The St. Clairs

I love that Jason's family continues the same traditions that they always have even now that we are married.  
  • His dad reads the true meaning of Christmas from the bible on Jason's bed on Christmas eve.
  • His parents still take a picture of Jason and his brother walking down the hall to look what Santa brought.
  • They open presents and have Christmas breakfast.
My family has traditions, but we didn't do these specific things.  It's fun to hear or read about other people's traditions to help us decide what we want to do as a family one day.

Guess what??  This year was an extra special Christmas.  Why?  God gave us a "WHITE Christmas".  We couldn't believe it.  This is what it looked like before gifts and breakfast:

And this is what it looked like afterward.  

I was not prepared  to know what setting to put my camera on for snow!

We got a devotion from his parents.  They always give us a devotion book as a couple and an ornament for our tree.  

Sorry, Mrs. Jeana. I just love this picture because it shows how truly happy you are!!

The gang with our stockings.  I'm so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.  Love y'all

(P.S.  Something happened to my posts.  They were scheduled in order and are not.  I apologize.  It may be because it was really late last night!)

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  1. Wow! I made it on two posts; I feel really special now. I am sure mom will love the picture of her, haha. I think the snow pics turned out pretty good. Talk to you soon.