Sunday, January 2, 2011

Neena and Papa

On Christmas eve, we always spend time with my Neena and Papa.  Now that I'm married, we go up earlier that day because of having to go to Jason's family that night.  

We are the only grandchildren on my Mom's side of the family, so it's a lot of fun now that we have my husband and Rhett's fiancée to join us.  It makes our little family complete:) 

Papa, opening his gifts

A picture of Uncle Greg.  He lives in New Jersey and normally visits after Christmas.  We missed you!

My Neena can't stand for her picture to be taken...

Jason finally captured this one.  She had been sick the day before, but she still looks beautiful:)

My crazy brother acting like he was singing and playing the piano to Jessica. 

He's so funny!

Meet Pheobe.  This is my grandparent's chihuahua.  I don't know what they ever did without her.  

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