Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010: The Walkers

Did anyone ever tell you it's hard to arrange holiday plans when you get married, get engaged, have a baby, etc?  Luckily, Jason and I are from the same town and things aren't too complicated so far.  However, this year we opened gifts with my family on Thursday night due to other family gatherings.

It was really late....but,

It's a tradition for my brother and I to wake up in the middle of the night to see what Santa brought anyways, so we still just open presents at night even as adults!  
Scary, I know.  Jason interrupted my "hooting" to take a picture.  Santa brought this adorable towel.  I have an obsession with birds and owls this year.  Check out my bird decor.  I also used owls on my Christmas tree this year.

Rhett got a baseball signed by Tim Hudson.  From: me

My beautiful Mom.

Daddy-o!  This is his happy spot.  He is either on the computer or watching t.v.  He's content:)

The couple of the I have kidded with them.  Last year, it was mine and Jason's turn.  We got all the money, the china, the gifts as a couple, etc...This year, Rhett and Jessica will get married in May, so it's their turn.  I'm so happy for them even though I give them a hard time, haha!

Jason's surprise from my dad, a DeWalt drill?  I think!  He loves tools:0

Santa brought us a candle....

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