Friday, May 28, 2010

"A little birdie told me"

Growing up, I heard the phrase "a little birdie told me" quite often. This past week, I have noticed a bird flying out of my flower basket on my front door. Until yesterday, I hadn't really thought about it building a nest??!! duh, Heather. I took this picture of the 4 eggs I found down in the basket.
I'm not sure if birds attack, but I was sure scared that while I was taking the basket down to take a picture, Mr. Daddy or Mommy Bird would attack me! Luckily, I made it through safely. I am going to continue to watch over this nest and the eggs. This little incident inspired me to share some of the bird decor I have in my house. I love birds! They are obviously very popular right now. However, my grandmother has bird pictures in her house and other bird items. I feel like they are something that will never go out of style. That is why I have invested in a few items myself. Enjoy!

Napkin rings Mom bought me from Southern ?? I can't remember, in Rome, I believe.

My bathroom shower curtain that I actually had my last year of college.

Towel holder on my bathroom door (got it from Moxii, another great store here in Auburn, if you are looking for new decor.

Got this jewelry holder at T.J. Maxx, with a little birdie on top.

I recently added this bird pillow, along with the blue and yellow shams to my guest bed room bed. I also got them from Moxii. (you can buy from their website)

These 2 paintings are in my bathroom. I love them! They matched my color palette so well in there. Can you guess where they came from??!! Moxii

Side Note: If you like birds or shabby chic decor, head over to It's an antique store here in the Auburn/Opelika area that takes antiques and turns them into a shabby chic look. I just found out about this place and went today. I love it! There was an ornate, black entertainment piece that the people there had made. She said a girl brought in a picture of that same piece from Pottery Barn and they custom made her one for half the price. Check it out!

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  1. OMG!!! How did I miss this blog? I've been following you, but I missed this one. Already checked out both websites and Hunt's probably glad I don't live there because I would be in the antique store daily. It's so cute! Your house looks adorable! I'm glad you posted more pics.