Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cabbage Patch

Have you ever been to the Cabbage Patch Kids Hosiptal in Cleveland, GA?

Well, my mom said I went when I was little, but not to this wonderful facility....

We visited Helen, GA this weekend with our friends Helen and Bill.  Helen was telling me about the Cabbage Patch hospital on the way there and then we of course saw plenty of signs once we got there.  I was hesitant to ask to go there, but we ended up having enough time to go on Saturday:)

It was honestly, besides the Anna Ruby Falls, the highlight of my trip.  I thought it was just amazing.  Maybe because I had one when I was little, or maybe because it's just crazy that they have a facility like that for Cabbage Patch dolls! 

I was so intrigued by this place that I had to go back to the cabin and research all about this place.  It's a pretty neat story.  You should check out

We were about to leave and Helen spotted this friend.  I lit up and of course ran to take a picture!  The others are thrilled, huh?

Queen of Hearts...Helen and Bill were a little weirded out by this one, ha.  However, I must admit she was a little scary.

Be sure and visit Cleveland, GA if you have little girls.  Such a neat place!

P.S. We were the only people in there without children:0

More to come about our trip...

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