Monday, March 21, 2011

Please pray...

for Weagle:(

Unfortunately we are going through a tough time with our baby:)  He is having an issue with his left eye, which could possibly be glaucoma.  It is common in Cocker Spaniels.  We are putting drops in every 6 hours and hope to find out more tomorrow when he returns to the vet. 

Until then..

The good eye

please pray that the drops reduce the pressure and things look up for sweet Weagle. 

The bad..

Thank you:)


  1. My Cocker Spaniel Chewie has glaucoma in his left eye. He also has cataracts in both eyes and is almost blind. He will be 11 years old in November and has been suffering with both ailments for about one year. I started giving him two kinds of drops once a day and now am giving him 7 different kinds of drops three times a day. It is very draining on me as well as my little dog.

    I wish you all the best with your little cocker spaniel. Prayer works. Keep it up for the little guy.

  2. The photos of your dog look like our dog Elly's eyes. We rescued a 4 year old English Cocker Spaniel 11 years ago. He had been given up for the second time, and was blind and terribly arthritic. The left eye the retina had detached and he developed glaucoma which raised his blood pressure. This meant that he had to take blood pressure pills every day. At Walgreens for 30 of Elly's blood pressure pills it was 35 dollars and then 48 dollars at Walmart. Then we discovered if we got the vet to write a prescription for 120 pills it was only eight-something at Costco.

    The right eye he had a lens put in and could see again, but then a year and a half later he developed an infection in the eye, and lost what sight he had regained. Elly lived a very happy life being blind. He had a great sense of spacial relationships around the house and where we lived. I could put on a blindfold and he would walk me around without bumping in to anything. If I would drop his lease he knew enough to stop and lay down until I picked it up again.

    Elly was loved by out cat lucy, and our one rabbit Mary. The two of them used to lay next to each other on the floor. Elly had all of the qualities of why people wanted cocker spaniels years ago, but he also had the genetic birth defects of most cockers today. If I had the money we could have cloned him inspire of his birth defects because he was such a wonderful dog. Elly was a money pit, and I would still get, or rescue another cocker spaniel inspire of their genetic problems.