Monday, March 28, 2011


I bet you haven't seen a flashlight that looks like this or is as cute as this before, huh?!?

Well....we appreciate the prayers for sweet Weagle, but unfortunately we found out last Thursday (on my birthday), that he is completely blind in his left eye.  Glaucoma definitely won and left him with one good eye.  We are okay.  It was definitely an emotional week and crazy weekend being away from him after having surgery on Thursday.

Jason's parents so kindly picked him up for us while we were at a wedding in Florida and took amazing care of him for us.  I told them I feel like God is definitely preparing them for the future:0 

Weagle kinda reminds Jason and I of a flashlight with the thing he has around his neck.  Poor baby, he can't stand it, but it is keeping his eye safe while it heals.  Oh, I forgot to mention...we did go with the fake eyeball.  It looks pretty darn good.  Of course, it is still red, but I'll post pics after it heals!

We are putting in drops in his good eye hoping that Glaucoma doesn't win over the other eye!!!  We will have to monitor this because it's common for it to happen in both in the American Cocker Spaniel.

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  1. Oh, gosh! I almost started crying! Keep us updated!