Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!

The past two weeks, Jason and I celebrated our birthdays.  We are six days apart and love it.  I look forward to my birthday, then one week later, we celebrate his:)

For my birthday, Weagle had eye surgery that morning:(  My kiddos at school all brought in birthday cards, gifts, and a cookie cake.  They sure know how to make you feel special.  Then, later that evening I got a pedicure and went to dinner with my Pure Barre girls.

Onto J's birthday.  Well...his was a rather eventful day.  I had planned two days before to throw him a surprise dinner party.  Mr. Bobby had told me Jason wanted Niffer's.  So, I call the manager and arranged a table for the night of his b-day for about 20 people.  The day of, I am headed to Venable's to pick up Jason's cake and Mr. Bobby calls.  "Um, Heather...Jason has decided he wants to eat at Irish Bread Pub."  At this point, we both know he has no idea about the surprise.  Fortunately, the bakery was right beside Irish Bread Pub.  I was able to beg my way into them reserving a spot for us. 

It all ended up working out, even though I was running everywhere to pull off this surprise without having to tell him.  Oh...and a funny.  I accidentally sent Jason an e-mail about the surprise because he is on my mailing list. Therefore, I had no choice but to hack into his e-mail.  I changed his password and everything to be able to delete it before he saw it!  Whew....we got a good laugh about this one!  I just couldn't let the surprise be ruined.
The cake looked a bit feminine, but it was delicious:)
We had a great turn out.  Thank you everyone who came!  It meant so much to Jason to have all of our friends with him to celebrate. 

This is what Jason wanted for his birthday:  A Spanish speaking CD.  He has a few Mexican men that work for him and he is determined to speak fluently.  He loves his CD.  It is basically musical lessons for someone on the go...which is definitely him.  He doesn't slow down!  He comes in singing now in the shower all the stuff he is learning.  It's hilarious:)

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  1. happy birthday! I am finally done with traveling, so hopefully I can make it back in to PB soon (as in tomorrow or Friday) - I so miss my workouts!