Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sips and Strokes

Last night, the Pure Barre girls had a night out at Sips and Strokes along with a few others.  There were lots of fun giveaways provided by PB and SNS. 

We painted a flower-filled vase, (if you will).  Jason said, "Why aren't the stems down in the vase?"  I told him that was the beauty behind the piece...that's how it was supposed to be! 

The original painting had brighter colors.  However, I arrived a few minutes early, so Beth helped me come up with different colors to better match my kitchen.  I have red cabinets, so I wanted to tie in the painting to where I could put it above my kitchen table.  I like to switch out what I hang there...ask J:0

Here is my before and after shot of my painting and then of course a group shot!

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  1. I love how they're all different! Looks good!