Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some of my favorite people, Easter, etc...

Wow! I have waited too long to post. Now, I have several things to share....

First off, Tyler, Abbey, and Hayden-Claire came to visit the week of Easter. I was so excited to see them! We celebrated mine and Abbey's birthday. We were both born on March 24th:) They gave me an awesome outfit from one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor. In addition, Dr. Wilson (Tyler's father) cooked one of his best meals...Golden Rule hamburgers!! Yummy!

During this week, my kids at school had their egg hunt. They had so much fun! I wanted to share a picture of all of us at the hunt.

Easter weekend started off by us staying with Jason's parents. His mom and dad had a special dinner and cake to celebrate our birthday. They also surprised us with a special Easter basket. They gave us an Olive Garden gift card and lots of candy and other goodies. It's fun to still get a visit from the Easter Bunny even when you are married. It's funny, there are actually 2 when you get married:) Easter morning, we went to the sunrise service at Jason's home church. His dad sang a beautiful song and the message was really great. We had to get up sooo early! It was well worth it though. Next, we went to visit Jason's grandmother and took her an Easter lily. She is the sweetest and seemed to be doing very well over the weekend. After visiting with her, we took off to my home church with my family.

It was so nice getting to see all of my family and church friends. We have not been home in a while! After church, Jason and I headed to my Neena and Papa's house to have lunch with my family and the newest tradition....our Easter Egg Hunt. I got the idea from a close friend of ours. I told mom I wanted she and dad to hide eggs for us adult/kids. That included Jason and I, and of course Rhett and Jessica. Mom and Dad had put quarters, dollars, and a couple of higher bills as the surprise eggs. Goofy mom also put a FREE panty from VS she had gotten in hopes one of us girls would find it. Instead, Jason found it...too funny! Jason ended up with the prize egg in the end! Or shall I say, WE that we are married. Funds go together:) My parents, Neena, and Papa all admitted that the egg hunt idea was so much fun. I think my parents had more fun hiding the eggs. Mom tried to capture photos of us in action, but she couldn't keep up. Rhett and I were in such competition. He actually found the most eggs. My legs hurt the next day because I was sprinting so fast to find the most. I am such a kid at heart! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and the REASON for the celebration.

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