Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thompson-Koffler Wedding Weekend

Introducing....Mr. and Mrs. Jake Koffler!

Our trip to Atlanta started like this. We carried Jake's boat to him that he had left here in Auburn at the Lake House about 3 years ago. We looked rather funny driving through downtown Atlanta, stuck in traffic, with this "little fishing boat".

This picture is actually how Jason brought it back from the lake to our house in Auburn. It was so funny! He had to pick the boat up by himself and put it on his trailor:)

The events this weekend started with the Rehearsal and Dinner. Following the dinner, they had a dessert bar and party with live music. It was such a pleasant night. Jake's parents did such a great job of adding detailed decor that represented Jake for the Rehearsal Dinner.

Saturday, we all went to the pool. It was so much fun getting to visit with all of our friends fromcollege. A lot of us are married now and it makes thing so much fun.

Saturday night was the wedding. I cannot explain how beautiful this wedding was. Jake and Leigh are one of my favorite couples. They balance each other so well. Leigh looked stunning, along with Mr. Handsome. The reception was fabulous. We all danced the night away, took photos in the photo booth, had dance offs, and sang on stage. Leigh and Jake...hats off to you for such a wonderful weekend. I know they are enjoying Greece right now:)

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